Add Some Space For That Gun Safe You’ve Always Wanted

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Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t have enough space in our homes to do what we want. Smaller homes can be tough to work with. If you have a smaller home and you’re looking to increase the size of it, there are many ways you can do this without breaking your bank and usually you can do it on your own and not have to hire a contractor that may or may not actually finish the work.

Making Small Spaces Look Bigger

Making a room look bigger is as simple as splashing the walls with some new paint. Bright colors are the one thing that can make a room look much larger without actually doing anything to it. If you paint or wallpaper the ceiling as well, it draws the eyes up to it and makes the room feel bigger. Alright, so repainting isn’t going to give you more space if you need it, but here are some ways that will!

Make Use Of Hidden Storage

Pull out tables and hollow ottomans are the ideal space for storing blankets, games, dog toys, and whatever else you want to put in there. If you’ve been using a basket in the corner of a room for such objects, you don’t have to anymore. This frees up that area for a nice lamp or even nothing at all.

Hang Your Shelving

Placing your books above the floor makes room for almost anything on that wall. Build a shelf hanging from the ceiling and use that for a bookshelf instead of one that takes up the entire wall. This leaves room for that gun safe you’ve been eyeing. Not sure what size to get? Gun safe reviews will assist you in finding the ideal size for that now empty space.

Use Stripes


Using striped carpeting will give the room an elongated look to it. This has the same effect as vertical stripes on clothing that make you look taller. Orienting the stripes to the length of the room that is the longest will give it the best effect.

Leave Windows Uncovered

Uncovered Window

Curtains can make the room look crowded and if they’re dark, they can make it look smaller. Using no window treatments gives the room more light which gives the space some depth. If you have an issue with privacy, use roman shades or blinds, something that won’t make the space look crowded.

Make Use Of Unused Space

Do you have an attic, closet, or basement that you just aren’t using? No problem! Attics are the ideal place for a kid’s dream bedroom. It’s also very cheap to do because all of the expensive building material is already there like joists, floors, and the roof. It may take a little bit of elbow grease and some paint, but in the end, you’ve created more space for living without increasing your carbon footprint.

Basements are an ideal place to make use of unused space as well. A living room is a nice place to chill out and watch some television, but it may not be big enough for the entire family to just sit down and enjoy a movie without hovering over one another. Turning a basement into a family room is another money saver if you just want the basics. You may have to buy some sheetrock and paint, but if you want multiple rooms, you’ll need framing material, which isn’t cheap.

One of the other common areas where you can make use out of are large closets. I have a large 8 x 10 closet in my home that wasn’t being used, so we decided to turn it into a laundry room. Rather than going up and down the basement stairs, we decided to move it upstairs and make use of the empty space collecting dust. All it took was some plumbing rerouting, sheet rock, and some paint. Not an expensive project unless you include the washer and dryer.


See, it’s quite simple to turn your small spaces into seemingly larger spaces to those who wouldn’t know any better. It’s also not difficult to turn unused spaces into functional rooms for an decently affordable price. Most of the projects can be done on your own. Don’t be afraid to try. If you need help, there are still pretty decent contractors out there willing to do the work for a good price.