How Fish Can Help to Stage Your Home

When you make the tough decision to put your home up for sale, it is certainly very bittersweet. That house saw you through many memories, whether they were good or bad. However, moving on to a new chapter in your life can be very exciting! The next step involves setting your home up for viewing. Staging the house is very important during this step, as it will be what potential buyers are seeing. Surprisingly, having fish in the house can be a good way to stage your home! Read on to find out why!

Flourishing Life


If people are walking through the house, and notice fish swimming in a tank, it will be a good sign. They can see that this house is full of life and energy. Having fish shows that living things are able to grow and thrive in this environment. Overall, it is a way to show them that they would also be able to flourish in this home. This is why it is important to have a good working filter in the tank or aquarium. The filter needs to be properly cleaning the water, so that everything looks nice and healthy. If you are unsure about the different brands of filters, try reading some online reviews. For example, Sunsun is rated highly.


Fish tend to have a calming effect on people. There is something about the swish of the water, and the low hum of the filter that relaxes people. If a potential buyer stops in front of the aquarium and simply watches the fish swim for a few minutes, their mind will be put more at ease. They will not be as stressed and rushed about looking for a house, and will take more time in examining your home.  


Aquarium Fish

Having a fish aquarium in a home gives people the ability to visualize their own items being in place of that. A large aquarium can show the proportions that people have to work with, and they can imagine what to put there instead. At the same time, it is important not to overwhelm the potential buyers with objects in the home that are too large. A large aquarium in a small room will make the whole space look more condensed. Find a nice large room in which to set up the aquarium, so the overall effect will be nicer.


Staging a house should never be rushed or ignored. It is the step that may save you thousands of dollars when offers start coming in for the house. Incorporating fish into the staging is an interesting idea that certainly has its merits. Fish can showcase a flourishing home, soothe potential buyers, and help them to visualize the space that they have to work with. Never underestimate the usefulness of fish! Always remember to keep the tank or aquarium looking nice and clean. Otherwise, it would reduce the appeal of the house, instead of increasing it.